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TakeStock Research delivers unique content for the global financial services industry- FX, Equities and Commodities. Our content writing services include market commentaries, research articles based on fundamental & technical analysis, real- time coverage of global economic events & corporate earnings, trading advice and marketing content. In addition, we offer customer/ technical support for intermediaries in the financial services industry.

To cater to the vast number of potential Retail FX traders and investors in the Indian financial markets who constantly browse search engines to look for services offered by the enormous number of Brokers in the financial markets; be it FX, equities or commodities, we thought it would be very convenient to have a few well- renowned companies providing broking services listed in one place to make it simple for prospective investors to readily equate the services offered by the company with their trading requirements and get in touch with the Broker right away.

Consequently, we have launched an additional menu in our website titled BROKERS where we have a separate link for FX Brokers & Brokers- Indian financial markets to showcase their offerings to a global audience.

To ensure we don’t cramp the page with too many listings, we intend to advertise a maximum of 12 distinctive FX brokers and Brokers in the Indian financial markets with a backlink to the website of the company. The advertisement and key benchmarks offered by the company such as- country of origin/ place of incorporation, account types, initial deposits, products, leverage, fund transfers, trading platforms etc. can be summarised to assist investors in deciding the broker to invest with.  The banners of all brokers will be displayed horizontally on the same page.

To support advertisers and assist investors in choosing the appropriate broker, we intend to frequently publish online content on topics related to FX and the global financial markets with a link to the BROKERS page in our website.

Broking firms who wish to advertise can indicate their interest at the earliest. Contact info can be found in our website....